Psychedelic Smart Art Car Blows Chicago's Mind

Smart Art Car Chicago Auto Show

German carmakers are nuts for art cars. While BMW and Porsche usually get all the recognition for producing artsy four-wheelers, however, you shouldn’t count Mercedes out- and that’s especially true if you count the copmany’s Smart division, which launched a production version of the absolutely gonzo Jeremy Scott Edition Smart at Detroit last month and followed up with … whatever the he(ck) this thing is!

Longtime readers of Gas 2 know I’m a sucker for Smart cars in particular and small, buzzy space-egg things in general. As such, it should come as no surprise to you that I lost my mind when I saw this thing, and became immediately frustrated by the fact that no one at the Smart display seemed willing to sell me- whatever it is they call this art car Smart thing. No one could really tell me much of anything about the car, for that matter.

That’s just as well. The wife would have probably vetoed the thing (no room for the kiddos).

In any event, here is Smart USA’s latest crazy art car deal- presented for you, below, in all its technicolor, shroom-a-riffic, mind-opening glory. Enjoy!


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