New Chevy Commercial Shows the Changing Face of American Families

Chevy Commercial the New Family

Of course Coca-Cola’s recent Olympic commercial that featured Americans of all ethnic backgrounds singing “America, the Beautiful” in their native languages drew a lot of negative attention from the horrible, racist s***bag Republitards that make ‘Murica an international laughing-stock. It’s what those people do when they take time off from suppressing their homosexual urges and calling innocent people “terrorists“. GM, however, is going to give the Fox News crowd something else to crow about- a new Chevy commercial that highlights the look and feel of a modern American family.

The new Chevy commercial shows gay couples, interracial couples, immigrant families, and every shade of flesh-tone crayon you can imagine caring for each other and their children like, you know, actual human people. It’s a buildup to a safety pitch that ends with the Chevy Traverse receiving a 5-star safety rating from the NHTSA.

It’s a good commercial for a family car, a great commercial for an American-as-apple-pie Chevy Traverse, and fantastic way to tell all those “fight the future” people where they can stick their BS “beliefs”. On top of all that … it kinda makes me wanna buy a Chevy.

So, great job, Chevy commercial planning people! Gas 2 loves ya!

Still, Chevy’s preaching to the choir on stuff like this when it comes to Gas 2’s staff. What do you, the readers think? Did the new Chevy commercial knock it out of the park, Babe Ruth style, or will moves like this hurt their sales in the all-important mullet belt? Let us know what you think in the comments, and show #theNewFamily some love on Twitter.


Source: GM/Chevrolet.

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