VL Automotive Buying Any Fisker They Can Find

VL Automotive Destino Front

VL Automotive is buying any Fisker they can find. VL started out buying Fisker Sunsets and replacing the innards with a Chevrolet Corvette V-8. Since Fisker stopped production in 2012, the number of Sunsets is limited and VL has been having trouble finding enough new or used Sunsets to transform into its V8-powered VL Destinos.

The automotive company co-founded by former GM product chief Bob Lutz and manufacturing engineer Gilbert Villarreal is reaching out to dealers who have extra stock in inventory in order to find enough Fiskers to work with. “We estimate there are 300 new Karmas still sitting unsold in dealer lots. And about 1,800 cars were sold,” Villarreal told Automotive News. “We’re finding a huge interest among owners in having their cars converted to our V-8 engine. We think we’ll end up converting about 1,000 of those.”

Changing a plug-in hybrid to a gasoline machine might not seem obviously appealing, but the Fisker owners have at least one good reason: with no one producing spare Fisker parts, any repairs will be prohibitively costly, and take more than a bit of finesse on the part of the mechanic to get another company’s parts to fit correctly.

With Fisker in bankruptcy and its future in doubt, the sale of leftover cars and leftover parts is frozen. The company will be auctioned off next week in a closed-door auction. Until the auction is complete, the only Fisker cars and parts available will be what is sitting in dealer stockrooms. Unfortunately for VL, some dealers are worried about liability issues and won’t be selling their remaining Fisker autos and auto parts until after the bankruptcy is complete.

The Fisker Karma cost about $100,000 brand new, depending on options. The VL Automotive Destino, meanwhile, stickers closer to $200,000, or about the cost of a Fisker, a Corvette, and a few guys to mash them together.


Source: Automotive News (sub).

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