Renault Launches Autonomous EV, Hints at 2016 Nissan Leaf

Renault Nissan Autonomous EV

The rapid progress Renault is making in electric cars and autonomous driving software may seem irrelevant since they don’t sell cars in the US, but that would be forgetting the fact that Renault and Nissan are the same company. That’s right, US-bound kiddos, Renault is to Nissan as Buick is to Chevy and Scion is to Toyota- so a highly advanced new autonomous EV from Renault speaks volumes about what’s coming from the next version of Nissan’s hot-selling Leaf electric car.

Take a look at this tiny slice of Nissan’s possible autonomous EV future in this article, below, which originally appeared on Zachary Shahan’s EV Obsession.


Renault Unveils Autonomous Electric Vehicle Prototype (via EV Obsession)

Renault has just unveiled an autonomous electric vehicle prototype aimed for commercialization by 2020. The prototype autonomous EV is called the Next Two. “Using sensor technologies, Next Two enables the delegation of driving functions from the driver…

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