Tata ConnectNext EV Concept Looks To The Future

tata-1Tata Motors may not be known for its cutting edge concepts, but the Tata ConnectNext EV Concept is a hybrid minivan straight out of Blade Runner. While there are no plans for production, it’s the first Tata concept that makes me think Indian cars might make it to America.

At about four-meters long and sporting suicide doors, a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, and flexible seating, this is the kind of concept car I’d expect at any of America’s major auto shows. But instead it debuted at the Delhi Auto Show in India, where Tata is a major player. The concept features passenger entertainment systems and a minimalistic driver interface, again pulled straight out of a sci-fi movie.

I dig the Tata ConnectNext EV Concept, though don’t expect it to see production anytime soon. Instead, it’s a design study meant to showcase where Tata might, one day, go with its vehicles. If Tata can keep this up, maybe we can forget about all of those roasty, toasty Nanos, a car which was once rumored to be bound for American shores.

Whatever happened to that?

Source: Carscoops 

Christopher DeMorro

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