Renault KIWD Concept Comes With Your Own Drone

renault-kwid-concept119-1Could cars one day come equipped with their own personal traffic drones? The designers of the Renault KIWD Concept seem to think so, debuting the drone-equipped plug-in hybrid concept at the Delhi Auto Show in India.

Tailored specifically for the budding Indian car market, the Renault KWID uses a 1.2 liter turbo engine coupled with an unspecified battery pack to deliver efficient motivation. But the real draw here is the traffic drone, which like a little birdy buddy, delivers important traffic and road information, as well as letting drivers take pictures. You could get some pretty awesome shots with your own drone, which can either be pre-programmed, or controlled by a tablet device.

It’s an idea I haven’t seen applied to any car yet, and for a reason. The little information a drone could provide could be just as easily accessible via a wireless, vehicle-to-vehicle information system like the one the U.S. government is pushing. But for a developing market like India, where automobiles are still in their “small-and-crappy” phase, a traffic drone could be a cool feature for navigating India’s notoriously dangerous roads.

Will it actually happen? Like Renault’s hydrogen-powered hybrids, probably not, but the idea of a drone-equipped car is pretty cool. It’d be an interesting option to have when buying a new car for sure, though I’d still rather have one of Renault’s pure-electric hatchbacks instead. The KWID Concept might be just a little too far out for me.

Source: Renault

Christopher DeMorro

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