Fisker Name May Not Come With Sale

fisker-backWhile the Fisker Karma may get another chance at production thanks to a last minute bid from Wanxiang, the Fisker name and logo may not come with the sale. Frankly, a new name for the biggest flop of the green car world might not be a bad idea.

Wanxiang is currently bidding against a Hong Kong billionaire for the rights to the technology and tooling that built the Fisker Karma and upcoming Fisker Atlantic. But the Fisker name and logo actually belong Fisker Coachbuild, the company Henrik Fisker set up in 2005 to build custom luxury cars. Neither interested party has contacted Fisker about using the name or logo, should they win the bidding.

That doesn’t mean the companies won’t try to secure the rights to the name and logo, though in this case a fresh start might be a better idea. The Fisker Karma suffered from bad luck, bad press, and the bankruptcy of its primary battery supplier, causing the company to fold last year. Fisker Coachbuild owns the rights to produce the Fisker logo and name on both cars and merchandise, though it has said it is willing to sell the rights…for the right price.

It’s another twist in the sad saga of the Fisker Karma, though things are finally starting to look up. Wanxiang owns Fisker’s former battery supplier and has pledged to bring Karma production back to America should it win the bidding. Hybrid Tech Holdings has been less specific on its Fisker plans, though both companies have increased their bids for whatever is left of Fisker.

How much is a green car company with a name really worth?

Source: Delaware Online

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