Tesla Cross Country Rally Completed In 76.5 Hours

tesla-rallyIn just 76 and a half hours, a team of 15 Tesla Motors drivers covered more than 3,400 miles between Los Angeles and New York City. In doing so, the Tesla team set a world record for the lowest charging time by an electric vehicle crossing the USA, which will soon be verified by none other than the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Tesla Model S driving team braved blizzards, sandstorms, and driving rain during their journey, and the electric car handled it all like a champ. The team made extensive use of the nationwide Supercharger network, which can deliver a full charge to a Model S in less than an hour. In total, it took 1,197 kWh of energy to cross the country, and none of it technically cost a dime as Tesla provides free Supercharging to all owners.

A total of 3,464.4 miles were covered during the journey, and all of the Tesla drivers were key members of the Model S team, with CTO JB Straubel riding along for the final ride into Manhattan, where CEO Elon Musk was waiting to greet the team. Musk is supposed to embark on a Tesla road trip himself, at some point, but for now this record-setting run is just another feather in his crowded hat.

The next step? Crossing Europe, and eventually Asia I imagine. With new Superchargers popping up on an almost weekly basis and sales in China looking optimistic, the Tesla plan to take over the world is progressing well.

Source: Tesla


Christopher DeMorro

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