What Is The Quant e-Sportlimousine?

quant-nanoflow-02-1I once tried to keep a running tally on all of the proposed alt-fuel concepts debuting around the world, and quickly lost count. The Quant e-Sportslimousine is just the latest electric car concept to break cover, the concept is probably as real as this car will ever get.

Quant has been around since at least 2009, when Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg teamed up with Germany’s NLV Solar to develop a cutting-edge four-seater with more than 500 horsepower, 300-miles, and a 20-minute charge time. Surprise, surprise, that car never happened, though in 2010 a concept was said to be close to roadworthiness. Never happened as for as I know, though the Quant name has stuck around.


This time nanoFLOWcell is the company behind the Quant, and details of the e-Sportlimousine include a length of 17-feet, the inclusion of four-seats, and an all-new energy storage system that uses flow-cell technology. I’m not expecting much, and neither should you, but maybe, just maybe, the third time’s the charm. And if nothing else, this latest concept looks both fast and good.

The Quant e-Sportlimousine debuts in March at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show, for the first and probably last time.

Christopher DeMorro

A writer and gearhead who loves all things automotive, from hybrids to HEMIs, can be found wrenching or writing- or else, he's running, because he's one of those crazy people who gets enjoyment from running insane distances.