Greenline 48 Hybrid Yacht Greens Up the Deep Blue Sea

Greenline 48 Hybrid Yacht

Greenline yachts recently announced their largest hybrid yacht to date: the ultra-luxe, 48′ long Greenline 48, which hopes to bridge the gap between the company’s smaller Greenline yachts and larger OceanClass cruisers (50′ + length).

The new Greenline follows in the footsteps of the Greenline 33 and Greenline 40 in offering fuel-efficient, low-maintenance sailing- and it’s a significant fuel savings, according to Greenline. The company claims its “Super Displacement” hull design is what allows the Greenline hybrid yachts to “use less fuel, generate lower CO2 emissions, and produce less wake”.

Reading further into Greenline’s marketing and PR materials, you find this:

The fuel consumption per nautical mile is less than that of a comparable displacement hull and as little as one quarter of a semi-displacement, twin-engine planing boat … In a full boating season, Greenline will burn an amount of fossil fuel that is comparable to a sailing yacht of the same size and up to 4 times less than a twin-engine planing boat of the same size.

If Greenline’s claims about the fuel economy are even halfway true, that’s seriously impressive. Even more impressive- to me, at least- is that this 48′ luxo-yacht doesn’t seem to have the same kind of “vaporware stink” that other green yachts have had in the past. Indeed, Greenline has already built fully-functional examples of its Greenline 33 and Greenline 40, and has already delivered a 70′ OceanClass vessel. The Greenline 48, then, is very likely a for-real, really real thing that is actually going to happen.

You can check out some of the floor-plans and proposed specs of the Greenline 48, below, and let us know what you think of the fuel-sipping hybrid luxury yacht in the comments at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


Greenline 48 hybrid yacht

Greenline 48 Hybrid Yacht Specs




Source | Photos: Greenline Yachts, via TechVehi.

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