NC State Study Says Electric Cars Don't Reduce Emissions

NC State

The state that tried to make accurate predictions about sea-level rise illegal is at it again, making more bone-headed statements through its academic mouthpiece, NC State University. The latest round of crazy-talk comes courtesy of a study that claims electric drive vehicles (a catch-all term used to cover EVs, hybrids, and plug-in hybrids) don’t reduce emissions compared to their oil-burning counterparts- even if EDVs made up 42 percent of passenger vehicles in the US, there would be little or no reduction in the emission of key air pollutants because: power plants.

“There are a number of reasons for this,” says Dr. Joseph DeCarolis, an assistant professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering at NC State. “In part, it’s because some of the benefits of EDVs are wiped out by higher emissions from power plants. Another factor is that passenger vehicles make up a relatively small share of total emissions, limiting the potential impact of EDVs in the first place.”

NC State is not only located in one of the most politically-conservative states in the US, but is one of the most conservative schools in that state, to boot. Without making an overt ad hominem attack on the university and the academics on its staff, I think it’s fair to call the results of any of the college’s environmental studies dubious, at best.

In other news, people who aren’t stupid- like the guys in charge of the US Military and the people at the American Lung Association and the doctors at the World Health Organization– are pushing new policies that not only improve America’s air quality, but save Americans money. Policies like the Renewable Fuels Standard, which North Carolina’s dips*** politicians are actively working against.

What do you guys think? Is the NC State study a ridiculous shill-piece sponsored by the GOP that ignores the life-saving success of solar and wind power in places like Texas, or do they have a point? If you think they have a point, let us know what flavor your window is in the comments, below.


Source: NC State, via PhysOrg.

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