Temple Priest Loves His Electric Car (w/ video)

With more than 100,000 units sold, the Nissan Leaf is one of the best selling pure electric cars in history- if not the overall leader. The car’s commitment to emission-free driving and forward-looking technology, rather than the appeasement of the “range anxiety” set, is one of the reasons Nissan (and its sister company, Renault) look set to be big players in the EV’s obviously bright future. This particular Leaf is driven by the chief priest of the Anyo-in Temple, Wasei Hirai, who believes the Nissan electric car’s philosophy jives perfectly with the message of his church.

You can check out an interview with Hirai, above, and read more about it below, in an article originally published on Cleantechnica by Zachary Shahan. Enjoy!


Nissan has now sold over 100,000 Leafs. One of the first Leaf owners, Anyo-in Temple’s Chief Priest Wasei Hirai, recently sat down with Nissan in order to discuss his experience with the Leaf and other matters. Check that out in the video below.

As Nissan notes, “Hirai, who has driven his LEAF 12,000 kilometers, says the car fits perfectly with his ancient temple’s philosophy of innovation and its messages about the environment and way of life.” As with any normal person, Hirai loves how smoothly and quietly the Leaf drives, loves its quick acceleration, and loves the car’s quality steering. As he notes at the end, he sees electric vehicles as being the future of the automobile. “The day will come that whenever people think of a car, it will be an electric car,” he says. Check out his full commentary here:

It’s nice to see that Hirai is now keen on powering his car, and his home, with solar panels. It looks like an EV was the gateway cleantech drug, in this case.


Originally published on Cleantechnica, video provided by Nissan.

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