Formula E Building New Headquarters At Donington Park

doningtonThe Formula E series kicks off its first race this September in China, followed by another nine races spanning the breadth and width of the globe. Such a world-hopping organization needs a tidy headquarters, and work has begun on a new 44,000 square-foot office at the U.K’s famed Donington Park Racing Circuit.

Donington Park has a lot of history, and is England’s first permanent park racing circuit, having been built on part of the Donington Estate. The first race was held here in 1931,and it has since gone through a boom and bust cycle like many other circuits. It’s a great place to have a headquarters, and Formula E plans to make itself at home here.

In addition to housing the offices for the Formula E administrative branch, there will also be cutting edge shop facilities for each of the ten Formula E teams. In total, the office is expected to employ about 150 personnel, and the first teams will move in on May 1st. While Formula E officials checked out numerous European locations, the history of British motorsport racing as a whole was what drew them to Donington.

Located just 100 meters from the racing circuit as well, it seems like an appropriate place for an all-new, high-tech, never-been-tried-before racing series. The Formula E schedule kicks off in September in Beijing, China, before going on to places like Rio de Janiero, Los Angeles, London, and Berlin, and drivers will use a cutting-edge electric race car to show the world what EVs can do.

Maybe we can schedule ourselves a little tour of the new facilities before the first race.

Source: Green Living Guy

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