Nissan Leaf Sales Surpass 100,000 Units Worldwide

2013-nissan-leafNissan Leaf sales has officially surpassed the 100,000 unit mark worldwide, capturing a full 48% of the EV market, Nissan is quick to add. Sure, it has taken three years and a big price cut to get there, but with Leaf sales numbers now in the six figures, this major electric car milestone must feel like a weight lifted from Nissan’s shoulders.

Of course sales are still far, far away from what Nissan had hoped and planned for, but they’re going to give themselves a pat on the back anyways. The 100,000th car went to a dentist in the U.K. who now enjoys a tiny bit of stardom as the buyer of a significant car. Sales of the Leaf have grown exponentially, with at least 50,000 units sold in the past year alone, making it the most popular electric car in the world and accounting for nearly half of all EV sales since 2010.

Let’s not forget though that Nissan has had to dial back their sales estimates for the Leaf in an admitted bit of arrogance, and they are nowhere near their initial sales goals. Still, CEO Carlos Ghosn is promising 1.5 million Nissan/Renault EVs on the road by 2020, showing that he remains committed to the bold electric car strategy he sold to stakeholders.

Here’s to the next 100,000 Nissan Leafs.

Christopher DeMorro

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