Tips for Taxis: 3 Ways to Green Your Daily Grind

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We talk a lot about taxis here on Gas 2- but whether they’re Tuk-Tuks in Southeast Asia, “Taxis of Tomorrow” in NYC, or the more traditional black London Cabbies’ rides, what we’re most interested in is keeping the world’s taxi fleets as green and fuel-efficient as possible. When we got an email from Cab Direct (a UK taxi dealer who specializes in modern, efficient taxis) – offering tips for taxis, in general (and London cabbies, in particular) on how to “green” their fares, we thought it would be a perfect fit.

So, pay attention, cab-drivers of the world. This is how you green your daily grind, according to some of your fellow cab guys who, really, ought to know. Enjoy!


Running Up a Green Fare: 3 Steps to a Greener Taxi Service

As a taxi driver, you might have a green chip on your shoulder. Taxis aren’t traditionally a particularly green method of traveling. Yes – the vast majority of your customers are probably in groups, but that doesn’t offset the fact that a taxi is still a car running on petrol or diesel – a fact that makes trains and buses more eco-friendly. However, if you’re looking to provide a greener service, there are some things that you can do to minimise the damage.

3 – Minimise Drop Offs

It’s a well-known fact that the more constant the speed of your journey, the less fuel you’ll use up, and of course less fuel means less pollution. Unfortunately, a large element of the taxi service is drop offs, and there can be multiple for a single group of passengers. Naturally, the more drop offs there are the more you’ll need to stop, so perhaps you could incentivise your passengers financially in order that they minimise their number of drop offs.

2 – Turn off the Engine at Stops and Drops

In a similar fashion to the point above, being a taxi driver also requires a great deal of waiting. Many taxi drivers will sit with their engines on in order to keep warm, but this is a waste of fuel and is causing you to lose money. Therefore, you should try to keep your engine off for as long as possible. If you’re prone to having your windows open, close them to prevent heat from escaping, and wear fingerless gloves to keep your hands warm against a cool steering wheel.

1 – Update and Upgrade

And more radical solution to the problem of being a green taxi driver is to upgrade your taxi with fittings to prevent as much pollution from being emitted. For example, an exhaust particulate filter will reduce the amount of polluting dust emitted into the atmosphere, and can be fitted relatively cheaply. Alternatively, you could permanently upgrade your vehicle to something slightly more current which has these environmentally friendly technologies built in using a professional seller such as Cab Directly. There’s a large selection of cars to choose from and you’ll be able to ask for expert advice on environmental technologies when you’re buying.
Ultimately, driving a taxi doesn’t necessarily need to be terrible for the environment. So follow the tips above and you’re sure to see results.


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