Bear Republic Brewery Turns Waste into Electricity w/ EcoVolt


EcoVolt puts technology developed by the super-brains at MIT to turn brewery waste into biogas that can be used to generate clean, renewable electric power. The company is getting some real-world credibility, as well, now that the Bear Republic Brewing Co. in Cloverdale, California has signed on to be EcoVolt’s pilot brewery. By implementing the new system, Bear Republic can expect to see an ROI of more than 25% … which is probably better than you’re getting out of your 401K.

Tina Casey has more in the article, below, which originally appeared on our sister site, Cleantechnica. Enjoy!


Souped Up Biogas System Turns Brewery Into Green Powerhouse (via Clean Technica)

The Bear Republic Brewing Company in Cloverdale, California is the first brewery to sign onto a new brewery waste-to-biogas system that has some A-list credentials to its credit. The system, called EcoVolt, is the creation of Cambrian Innovation, an…

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