Jeremy Scott Edition Smart EV Takes Flight at Detroit

Jeremy Scott Smart

The new Jeremy Scott edition Smart EV changes everything I said about Mercedes’ diminutive two-seater. Where the original Smart EV is overpriced and ridiculously impractical, the Jeremy Scott Edition by Brabus is exclusively priced and awesomely impractical, and exactly the kind of thing I’d want to drive around downtown Chicago Detroit.

When it was first announced, the Smart Electric Drive was set to carry a $43,000 price tag. More recently, however, the company drastically slashed the price of the tiny EV almost in half, and backed that up with an aggressive, $139/mo. lease program back in August. Then, Smart announced that they’d be bringing a “subdued” version of their 2012 LA Auto Show star, the fat-tired and be-winged Jeremy Scott Smart. Everyone expected a lush, quilted leather interior, slick Brabus wheels, and high-quality white paint. No one expected the wings to make it into production- but they did, and they are chock-full of win, awesome, and years of properly-applied childhood ridicule.

With the all-new for 2015 Smart expected to debut at Geneva later this year, however, you won’t have much time to step up to the $43,000 Jeremy Scott Edition Smart EV (sorry, “Electric Drive”). If you decide to make that call, however, you’ll pull eyeballs harder than a bright green Lamborghini … and, unlike the Lambo, some of those eyeballs might belong to women. You know, if you’re into that kind of thing.

According to Smart’s staff at the Detroit Auto Show, you can order a Jeremy Scott edition Smart now. More importantly, however, you can order the wings separately and add them to your über-cheap, $139/mo. “regular” Smart Electric Drive.

What do you think, readers? Should you stick to the real thing and pony up for the Jeremy Scott Edition Smart EV, or is the quilted leather and suede headliner wasted on something as small as the Smart, regardless of the inclusion of awesome, over-the-top wings? Let us know what you think in the comments section, below.


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