Ecoboost Mustang Engine Revealed at NAIAS 2014

Ecoboost Mustang Engine

When the 2015 Ford Mustang was unveiled this past December, a lot of attention was heaped on the new, 4 cylinder, turbocharged Ecoboost Mustang engine that recalled the old SVO and promised serious performance with reasonable fuel economy. The fact that it would probably be the cheapest Mustang when it finally debuted, too, probably helped boost expectations. Still, because the Ecoboost Mustang engine bay was kept under wraps at PRI (the car’s first public showing), no one had seen the engine, itself- until now.

One of the intrepid readers at Hooniverse, Joe Carioti, was apparently “minding his own business” as he walked through the Ford display at the Detroit Auto Show. At some point, he noticed one of the 2015 Ford Mustangs on display had its pants down had its hood up, and started snapping away.

We have a few of the photos he took of the new Ford Ecoboost Mustang engine, below- but he’s got a few more, along with a video, over at Hooniverse that you should definitely check out. Use this link to get you there, and enjoy poking around!


Source | Photos: Joe Carioti, via Hooniverse.

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