VL Automotive Convertible Arrives in Detroit, Brings $200K Watch

VL Destino Convertible

Fully realized and in person sheet metal, the VL-modified Fisker Sunset concept makes a fine-looking addition to the company’s Destino lineup. Whether that’s due to some special “magic touch” from VL Automotive or due to Henrik Fisker’s deft hand being behind the original might be debatable, but one thing is not debatable: something about the VL Automotive display at NAIAS 2014 brought out the weirdness.

The first weird thing about the VL Destino convertible concept is that it’s based on the one-off Fisker Sunset, which was first shown at Detroit way back in 2009. The Sunset was a big deal when it hit the show circuit that year, but no one seemed to remember it. As such, a fair number of the assembled press people treated the car as an all-new concept.

The second weird thing about the VL Automotive display area was that it was dominated by a watch display.

I get the watch thing. Timepieces have been associated with speed long before Breitling put a Bentley in an ad or Rolex sponsored the Daytona 24 hour race or Tag sponsored Formula 1. Performance cars are measured in time, after all. 0-60 times. 1/4 mile times. Lap times. All of that ties in with watches … but, when I asked how much the watches were, the answer I got was a flippant “For $200,000, you get a watch and a car.”

It’s a nice enough watch …

VL Watch

… but that kind of douche-y arrogance doesn’t help anyone sell cars. Speaking as someone who spent a fair portion of the last 17 years selling six-figure cars to wealthy gear head clients, allow me to assure you that being douche-y and arrogant does not help you sell cars.

Or, watches. I guess.

You can see what’s become of Henrik Fisker’s masterpiece in this gallery, below. Let us know what you think of the VL Destino convertible, its new paint color, and its nasty white wax buildup (seriously, they need to butcher the detailer responsible for that horrible shine job) in the comments, below. Enjoy!


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