2015 Honda Fit Makes Debut In Detroit

2015-honda-fit-4The 2015 Honda Fit is an incredibly important car for Honda, and they know it. The Japanese automaker isn’t pulling any punches this time, determined to make up lost market share in the subcompact car market. That’s why Honda engineers improved every aspect of the 2015 Fit, from fuel economy and acceleration to interior room. But is it enough?

The 2015 Honda Fit actually lost 1.6 inches of length through the redesign, and new styling updates such as the horizontal-bar grille and a more aggressive front fascia give way to the traditional boxy-styling the Fit is known for. Honda didn’t redesign the wheel here, though engineers managed to increase passenger room by some 5 cubic feet, with rear legroom gaining some 5-inches in total. For taller backseat passengers, those extra few inches make a big difference. As far as cargo space goes, the 2015 Honda Fit has 52.7 cubic-feet of room with the rear seats folded down. You can fit a LOT of stuff in the back of a Fit.

With that boring stuff out of the way, let’s talk engines. A new 130 horsepower 1.5 liter Earth Dreams four-cylinder is the only engine option at the moment, though the engine is 13 ponies more powerful, and it’s more efficient as well. With the optional CVT automatic transmission, Honda predicts a fuel economy rating of 33 MPG in the city, and 41 MPG on the highway, though efficiency with the standard six-speed manual wasn’t discussed. Still, Honda wants to have the most-efficient subcompact in the market with an automatic, and they may have just done it.


For those looking for some driving fun, Honda’s engineers also worked their magic on the suspension, improving handling and grip on the Fit. While we’ll have to wait for a road test to tell you just how much better the suspension is, but the Honda Fit has always been among the more fun subcompact cars to drive, and larger 16-inch wheels add to the sporty feel. Engineers also gave the 2015 Fit a spiffier, upgraded interior with an airplane cockpit kinda feel, a new touchscreen system, and premium materials designed to keep pace with other subcompacts.

Yet still no word on the Honda Fit Hybrid, a car that is definitely going to Japan, but some are wondering aloud if it is it eveever coming to America?

All in all though, the 2015 Honda Fit is hardly revolutionary, though it’s evolution seems to have improved every aspect of the car. But is it enough to regain sales lost to Ford and GM, which have stepped up their tiny car game in a very big way.

Christopher DeMorro

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