The Toyota FT-1, A New Supra By Any Other Name

DSC_0076Toyota dropped a bright red, Supra-sized bomb onto the stage at this year’s Detroit Auto Show- immediately stealing the show from Ford’s big F-150 reveal and turning everyone’s focus to the next Tokyo Auto Salon and talk of a new Supra.

Toyota’s suits talked a lot about stepping away from the focus groups to create the new FT-1 concept and injecting “passion” into the rest of the Toyota lineup. While the idea of a Formula-nosed Camry confuses and terrifies me, however, the idea of a Lexus LF-A informed Corvette and Porsche fighter from the land of the rising sun makes me giddy in the pantaloons. Almost certainly packing a hybrid drivetrain, this new Toyota is a Supra for the 21st century, or at least it seems.

Toyota will release the FT-1’s full specs tomorrow via a download on Sony’s Gran Turismo 6, when the car will become available for download. Until then, you’ll have to settle for these pics of the new Supra from the showroom floor from young DeMorro. Enjoy!

Original content from Gas 2.

Jo Borrás

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