Bob Lutz is Building Another Stupid, V8-powered Fisker

Bob Lutz Fisker Convertible

Fisker’s had more shots at salvation than most of the sinners I party with- but, so far, neither the man the company was named after nor a cadre of Hong Kong investors have been able to do much save it. Weirdly, the guy who seems most likely to make a go out of what little is left of Fisker is the automotive press’ favorite octogenarian. I’m speaking, of course, of Bob Lutz and his VL Automotive company, who plans to bring a V8-powered Fisker Sunset to this week’s Detroit Auto show.

I’ve always felt that Bob Lutz’/VL Automotive’s goal of stuffing a Corvette V8 under the hood of the Fisker Karma’s sexy curves was patently stupid, but now the company is issuing press releases with magic-marker drawings artful renderings of a concept (the 2009 Fisker Sunset, above) that was already shown FIVE YEARS AGO. They didn’t even change the wheels, even!

I get it, though. Really. VL needs to do something to stay relevant, and five years is a long time in internet years. Not long enough for everyone to forget something like the Fisker Sunset, but long enough for most people to forget it- and, maybe, long enough for everyone to overlook the fact that all you’ve seemed to do is partner up with a “leather leader” and change the interior to black and **YAAAAAWN** man. This is boring stuff!

Here’s hoping Lutz and the gang have something a bit more exciting up their sleeve than what they’ve let on. Until then, feel free to giggle at the official VL Automotive/Katzkin press release that is not, in any way, an April Fools’ joke on the automotive press-as-a-whole, below.



Katzkin Senior Advisor Bob Lutz Debuts All-New Concept Destino Featuring a Custom Katzkin Interior at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show

MONTEBELLO, Calif., January 10, 2014 / PRNewswire / – Katzkin, the global leader in automotive interior transformation, continues its design mantra and enters into the ultra-premium sports car arena by partnering with VL Automotive, co-founded by Gilbert Villarreal and Bob Lutz. VL’s newest concept Destino luxury performance vehicle will debut at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit at Cobo Center, January 13-26, 2014.

Based on an award-winning design by Henrik Fisker, restyled by Bob Lutz, and powered by the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 powertrain, the Destino sedan was first shown at the 2013 North American International Auto Show. VL Automotive has teamed with Katzkin, a brand that has designed, manufactured and supplied custom leather interiors for more than 30 years, to design bespoke interiors for both the sedan and the new Destino concept.

“A beautifully designed car like the Destino deserves an exceptional interior,” said Bob Lutz, former General Motors vice chairman and currently a senior advisor to Katzkin. “By providing a fully customized Katzkin interior, we bring a custom-tailored design to the vehicle and its owner.”

According to Brooks Mayberry, Katzkin’s CEO, bringing the company’s expertise into a luxury market presents a new and exciting opportunity. “We’ve always been successful in working with boutique, small niche brands and vehicles,” said Mayberry. “VL allows us to align our leading design capabilities with exceptional vehicles and we look forward to a long and growing future relationship.”

With the 2010 addition of Chief Designer Dave O’Connell, Katzkin has embraced design as both a core value and a supporting pillar to the company’s world-class marketing strengths. O’Connell’s background includes a near two-decade role as Head Designer for Mitsubishi Motors, as well as his long-term involvement with Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Calif., where O’Connell is an alumnus and has been an instructor since 2001. “Our primary differentiation from any competitor is our ability to provide personalization that expresses individuality for both the consumer and the vehicle,” said O’Connell.

While Katzkin’s relationship with VL Automotive began through discussions following Lutz’s advisory role to the organization, it has deepened through the connection O’Connell created with VL President and CEO Gilbert Villarreal, when O’Connell’s designs were brought to fruition in the Destino show car. “Having been impressed by the expressive quality of Katzkin’s leather designs for decades, there was no question in my mind that this partnership would be a winning proposition,” said Villarreal. “Our goal quite simply is to maintain and exceed the very high quality and exceptional design standards that both Katzkin and VL Automotive will provide.”


Source | Images: VL Automotive, via Autoblog.

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