BMW Active E Testers Want to Buy Their Test Cars

Electric BMW

Two years ago, BMW selected 700 customers to test drive its BMW 1 Series-based Active E electric cars. The test was supposed to collect real-world data and establish whether or not electric power was appropriate for “the Ultimate Driving Machine”. The tests guided the development of the hot-selling BMW i3 EV and i8 electric supercar, but now it’s over- and BMW wants their Active E cars back.

The problem, of course, is that a number of the testers don’t want to give the cars back to BMW, and are asking BMW to make them an offer so they can buy the cars. For BMW, it’s a good problem to have … maybe. You can read more about the plight of the Active E drivers, below.


Somebody, Make A Deal For 700 BMW Active E Drivers! (via EV Obsession)

The BMW ActiveE two-year trial program in which 700 people got to learn and show what BMW ActiveE electric vehicles could do is coming to a close. A lot of the drivers, of course, want to keep driving electric, but they have to turn in their beautiful…

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