Texas Wind Power, not Fracking, Saves the Day

texas wind power

Devastated by droughts and faced with water supplies that have been quite literally sucked dry by the fracking industry they voted into their area, many residents of north and west Texas feel there’s nothing left to do but pray for help. Lucky for them, there are a few Texans who aren’t quite as willing to surrender in the face of adversity- and those Texans built a network of windmills that kept electricity flowing throughout the “polar vortex” that crippled most of the state’s infrastructure last week.

Perhaps that’s not fair, though. Despite a backwards voting record, Texas is, as Treehugger says, “a wind power superstar”. Texas Wind Power generated more than 12,000 MW of power from wind farms in 2012- which works out to more than 26% of the state’s total power consumption. During the coldest hours of last Tuesday, however, Texas’ power demands spiked to over 57,277 MW.

According to reports, sufficient generation and higher wind output from West Texas wind power farms boosted the state’s electric supply Tuesday compared to Monday when the grid operator declared an emergency as conventional plants (read: gas, oil, and coal-fired plants) shut unexpectedly, dramatically reducing supply during the dangerous storm.

Do you think this will teach the people of Texas that they need to stop voting pro-coal, pro-oil, and anti-green and start looking to science for answers- or do you think they’re too far gone? I, for one, hope the people of Texas join the rest of us in reality and stop voting in mental midgets who think abortion causes global warming. You can let us know how you feel about Texas’ climate change policies, and how this week might have changed their minds, in the comments, below. Enjoy!


Sources | Photos: Cleantechnica, Reuters, via Treehugger.

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