True Cost of Ownership: 2013 Chevy Volt, One Year On

Chevy Volt True Cost of Ownership

We’ve talked about electric car buyers who take advantage of off-peak energy prices, federal and state tax credits, and manufacturer lease incentives to drive cars for free. Those were “pure” EVs like the Nissan Leaf, even over great distances, for next to nothing. How do those numbers play out with a plug-in hybrid (sorry, “range-extended EV”) like the Chevy Volt?

To answer that question, Cleantechnica editor Zachary Shahan reached out to his audience and connected with Jeffery B. Cohen, an Atlanta commuter who took delivery of his Silver Topaz Chevy Volt back in August of 2012. Here’s what Jeffery experienced, in his own words. This is from an article that originally appeared on Cleantechnica. Enjoy!


2013 Chevrolet VOLT – 1 Year Cost Of Ownership Review (via Clean Technica)

I recently connected with the author of the piece below. Finding out that he was a Volt driver in Atlanta, and interesting city that is doing quite well on the electric vehicle front, I decided to ask him for a review of the vehicle… as I often do…

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