Board Track Inspired Derringer E-Bike Hits Kickstarter

Derringer E-Bike

Well-known for building high-end, vintage-style mopeds, California based Derringer Cycles has taken its first steps away from the internal combustion engine with a Kickstarter launch for its new Derringer E-Bike.

Like the more traditional Derringer products, the new E-Bike can be pedaled or motivated by a motor. It’s a little strange to see an open derringer frame, but God, as they say, is in the details. Like the rest of the company’s high-end bikes, the E-Bike features a gently curving “backbone” frame tube that locates the tank (or, in this case, the battery). The tank is brushed aluminum …

Derringer E-Bike Details

… and the whole shape flows nicely into the clip on-style handlebars at the top of a high-quality “springer” type front suspension. In addition to the trick metalwork, the Derringer E-Bike features disk brakes front and rear, and a high-quality, sprung saddle.

Granted, the net effect is more “hipster cafe-racer” than it is “awesome urban assault weapon“, but the Derringer’s look and style – combined with the company’s industry reputation for quality – should be more than enough to let the E-Bike find a willing and enthusiastic audience. That audience will have to be enthusiastic, too, since the 37V entry-level E-Bike carries a hefty $3500 price tag. That’s a big ask for an electric bike, but the silent drive should help you pull off your Hell’s Satans initiation rides because, you know, stealth.

Let us know how that works out for you- but, while you wait for Derringer to deliver your new bike, you can watch the company’s Kickstarter video, below. Enjoy!


Source | Photos: Derringer Cycles, via Kickstarter.

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