Ford EcoSport SUV Gets a Luxe Redesign

Ford Ecosport

In recent weeks, Toyota made a decision to recommit to its Lexus CT200h sport hybrid. At the same time, GM is having significant success with the small but luxurious Buick Verano sedan and Buick Encore hatchback. So, is the age of the premium compact is, finally, upon us? If this luxe-minded Ford EcoSport built by DC designs is any indication, the answer is “yes” … and fans of Ford’s overseas EcoSport are ready to have the blue oval to get in on the action!

Based on Ford’s global Fiesta platform and offered with markets like the UK in mind, the 2014 Ford EcoSport could find its way to America if the company decides there’s room for a premium crossover to slot below the US-market Ford Escape. DC Design’s vision of the EcoSport, however, paints the small SUV/crossover as a sort of urban limo- dressing up the interior with soft woods and leathers. In the back, the standard bench seat setup has been ditched in favor of more isolated “captain’s chairs, divided by a center console that houses buttons and dials for the HVAC and audio systems – features that have more in common with Mercedes’ S Class than, say, a Ford Focus.

On the outside, DC Designs changed the standard Ford EcoSport fascias to include an oversized grille, a redesigned front bumper, modified headlights, and aggressive-looking LED daytime running lights.

There’s no word on what DC has in mind for pricing on the off-chance that you want to reproduce this show car for yourself, but I’m guessing that, if you have to ask …


Source | Photos: DC Design, via AutoExpress UK.

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