Vintage Vespa + Segway = Sexy Sidewalk Conveyance

Vespa Segway

With their high-tech balancing software and sensor arrays, easy-to-master learning curve, decent urban range, and almost-kinda-really too-high top speed, Segway scooters should be cool. They are, however, not cool- and I’m talking “probably not even the best thing about being a mall security guard” levels of not cool. What’s to be done? According to Spain’s Maxiscoot, everything that’s wrong with a Segway can be fixed by splicing in a little Vespa DNA.

If the name “Maxiscoot” sounds familiar, it’s because they’re the same bunch of brain-addled crackpots (they’d be cool with it) that built the MXS 90-based super-scooter racing engine that we featured earlier this month … and they’re serious about building these Vespa-bred sidewalk scooters.

Maxiscoot plans to sell the scooters for 2899 Euro, which works out to just under 4000 USD- which is a good deal cheaper than a for-real Segway. If, you know, you want that sort of thing.

Moving on, in addition to the “cool” factor, Maxiscoot’s fully electric scooter-styled scooter (!?) offers a high-intensity LED headlight that sips battery juice while hauling you about 20 miles per charge at a top speed of about 15 MPH. Those specs, too, are right in line with what I’d expect to get from something like a Segway i2.

What do you guys think- is this exactly the kind of re-style that will help the Segway connect with millenials and hipsters, or is this exactly the kind of thing that’s wrong with retro styling? Let us know what you think in the comments, below.


Vintage Vespa Segway Scooter

Source | Images: Maxiscoot, via Motorpasion.

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