Tony Posawatz Joins Momentum Dynamics

momentumWireless electric car charging stands to make fueling your vehicle a thing of the past, and Momentum Dynamics is one of the leaders in wireless EV charging technology. To help bolster their public profile and commercialize their cutting-edge technology, Momentum Dynamics named former GM executive and Vehicle Line Director for the Chevy Volt Tony Posawatz to the Technology Advisory Board.

Tony Posawatz Photo“We are delighted Tony will be joining Momentum Dynamics,” said Momentum Dynamics CEO Andy Daga. “His experience and reputation in product innovation, planning and strategy, program management, corporate finance, and extensive knowledge of the automotive industry will provide MD a unique perspective and advantage as we commercialize our technology with our strategic partners.”

Back in October, Momentum Dynamics announced that it was ready to begin the commercialization process of its high-power inductive charging system. This wireless charging technology uses magnets to transfer power between the charger and EV without any physical connection, eliminating our traditional notion of “refueling” entirely. Naturally, the first car Momentum applied this tech to was the Chevy Volt.

The system is designed to deliver energy through ice, snow, or water, and the entire charging process can be completed automatically. Momentum is focusing on the commercial application of its technology, with a pair of E-450 electric buses serving as a testbed in Pennsylvania. Momentum also claims it can reduce traditional charging times by as much as 75%, one of the main complaints consumers have regarding EVs.

Momentum Dynamics wants to make 2014 a big year, and wireless charging is set to be big business in just a few more years. With Posawatz on board, hopefully Momentum Dynamics can bring its technology to market as soon as it hopes.

 This post was sponsored by Momentum Dynamics.

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