Godsil Manhattan Boasts Of V16 Engine, CNG Power

godsilWe have entered an era where green cars aren’t just in vogue, but have actually become luxury items of the rich and famous. Major luxury car makers and niche coachbuilders alike are cashing in on the green game, and the latest mystery entrant is the Godsil Manhattan V16. Boasting of a massive V16 engine running on CNG fuel, the Manhattan is more vaporware than reality it seems.

While green cars may be cool, V16 engines haven’t been popular since before the second World War, when there really wasn’t a replacement for displacement. Revealing only these few tidbits of information, and the ghost of an outline as a teaser, there isn’t a whole lot more to go on. That makes it seem like the Godsil Manhattan will be lucky to make it past even the teaser sketch phase. While the sketch seems to indicate some kind of coupe supercar, I have a hard time picturing anything but a big, Monty Burns kind-of pre-30s luxury land yacht. Know what I mean?

What I’m picturing.

But as long as green cars are cool, coachbuilders will keep coming out with far-out, high-priced concepts. Why? Well there’s always the hope that someone, somewhere thinks it’s cool enough to drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on. If nothing else, it’s keeping a couple of people employed, however temporarily.

Source: Godsil

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