Air-Scrubbing E-Bike Concept Is Better For Your Lungs

clean-bike-conceptPollution levels in China’s largest cities are literally off the index scale, and breathing the air for just one day is akin to smoking an entire pack of cigarettes. Quick and clever solutions will be needed to not just reduce emissions, but scrub the putrid air as well, and that’s where this air-cleaning bicycle concept comes in.

A handlebar-mounted filter would filter the dirty air passing through it, blasting clean air into the face of the rider and the world behind him. It is a literal wake of fresh air following the biker down the road, and would certainly be welcome in Beijing’s filthy skyline. The frame of the bike gets in on the action as well, photosynthesizing sunlight to provide energy to a fuel-cell powering an electric-assist motor. E-bikes are insanely popular in China, and they’re catching on in other places too. Add in the extra benefit of clean air, and buyers are bound to lineup in places with air quality issues.

The unnamed concept bicycle is still just in the “idea and sketch” phase, though Bangkok-based Lightfog Creative and Design hopes to build a working model soon. Who knows, you may even ride one on smog-eating pavement some day. It’s probably a bit ahead of its time, though if places like China don’t soon clean up their act, air-scrubbing vehicles might become a vital necessity in future cities.

 Source: Discovery

Christopher DeMorro

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