Saietta R Is An All-Electric Cylon Superbike

saietta-1The electric motorcycle market is slowly building sales steam, though there is no shortage of startups looking to sell the future to cutting-edge consumers. London-based Agility Global has chosen Colorado as the place to debut the Saietta R electric superbike, which they claim is a world first, something I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that before.

With a 0 to 60 mph time of just 3.9 seconds, the Saietta R certainly qualifies as fast, though “superbike” might be a bit generous. Range is rated at a combined 74 miles, with up to 120 miles of city driving available, though highway driving is rated at just 58 miles. With a top speed of 105 mph, that could be less than thirty minutes of driving before you need to plug-in for an undisclosed amount of time.

What the Saietta, which means “thunderbolt” in Italian, really has going for it though are its looks. The futuristic design was allowed because designers were not restrained by the design configurations of regular motorcycles. The armored-looking motorcycle would be right at home in any sci-fi or cyberpunk movie.

If buyers are ready to line up to buy Agility Global’s version of the electric future remains to be seen. Pricing hasn’t been announced, though you can bet it won’t be cheap, and this sci-fi motorcycle has a long road ahead.

Source: Agility Global via Inhabitat


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