Patent Reveals Future Ferrari Hybrid

ferrari-hybridEven though Ferrari’s head honcho promises that the brand won’t do a pure electric sports car, hybrids are very much a part of the future of Ferrari. The all-new LaFerrari supercar is after all a mild hybrid, and a recent patent filing by the Italy-based supercar maker reveals that its next grand touring car will make more extensive use of electric propulsion to deliver performance.

As it stands, most of the 963 horsepower in the LaFerrari come from its cutting-edge V12 engine, but this patent filing reveals a car with much more emphasis on the hybrid drivetrain. A large chemical battery pack integrated into the frame of this next-gen Ferrari designed to provide both extra protection in case of a crash, and to keep the center of gravity low to the ground.

In other words, Ferrari is taking a page out of Tesla’s playbook. While the battery pack is still comparatively small, weighing in at just 132 pounds, a front-mounted engine will also be an integral part of the drivetrain. The most likely hybrid setup Ferrari will utilize is a Kinetic Energy Recovery System, or KERS, like those used in endurance and Formula racing series.

Of course being a patent, and nothing more, this could simply be Ferrari patenting a potential idea they’ll utilize down the line, or maybe never. It’s clear to everyone though that Ferrari is going to embrace hybrid cars in bigger and bigger ways.

 Source: Jalopnik

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