Video: Amazon Prime Air Could Change Logistics Forever

prime-air_high-resolution02Last night on 60 Minutes, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced that in the next few years, the online retailer would launch a same-day, drone delivery service called Amazon Prime Air that could deliver your goods in as little as 30 minutes to your doorstep. The future of logistics arrives in 2015.

With over a year before the service can get up and running, this morning Amazon Prime Air is all the buzz around the Interwebs. One of the biggest drawbacks to online shopping is that you often have to wait several days before your package arrives. Even as an Amazon Prime customer, sometimes two day shipping (despite being free) is a long time to wait for something you want and need now. Amazon Prime Air could solve all of that.


There are still many questions to be asked, and the FAA has yet to fully approve of this plan, though we could see Amazon drones take to the sky as soon as 2015. The ramifications for this project are huge, not the least of which is the freeing-up our roadways from the massive big rigs that ship goods back and forth between the coasts. Without the need for a massive truck-centric supply chain, Amazon (America’s largest online retailer) could seriously cut down on the amount of road traffic and pollution on our roads. While the initial load limit is just 5 pounds,

Not only that, but Amazon could also kickstart a logistics revolution, forcing UPS, FedEx, and the USPS to formula air delivery plans of their own if they hope to stay competitive. One day, all new homes might home with an “Air Delivery Helipad” for drones to drop off goods, and drones could even replace satellites, as more and more jobs become entirely automated.

It’s a very sci-fi world we’re living in.


Christopher DeMorro

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