New Poll Shows Most Americans Unaware of Electric Cars

Electric Cars Ain't Real

A new survey from Navigant Research shows that, while nearly 70% of consumers range from being neutral to “extremely interested” in purchasing an electric car, less than 1 in 4 are familiar with the Tesla Model S, and only about 1 in 3 are aware of Nissan’s hot-selling electric Leaf. Can that be right?


See, most people are totally unaware of what’s going on in the automotive universe – and that includes both esoteric tuner cars and mainstream electric cars. That might seems shocking to us, because we’re car people- we surround ourselves with car people and our friends and family coddle our belief that cars matter. Still, very few people care about anything more than “does it look ‘nice'” and “will it take me and my kids from A to B for less than ‘x’ dollars a month”. It’s a fact which does a better job of explaining the proliferation of Kias in recent years a lot better than a series of kicka** Hamstar commercials, anyway.

America’s general apathy towards their cars is always a bit depressing to think about, as is Americans’ tendencies to elect mentally deficient weirdos to represent their interests to morally deficient war criminals. So, rather than continue to rant on about their ignorance of electric cars, I’ll just direct you to the results of the Navigant study, which originally appeared on EV Obsession. Enjoy!


Only 22% Of Population Familiar With Tesla Model S!! Only 31% Familiar With Nissan Leaf (via EV Obsession)

Confirming what I postulated last weekend, people are not familiar with electric cars yet. In a survey conducted by Navigant Research, only 31% of respondents were familiar with the highest-selling electric car to date, the Nissan Leaf. Only 22% were…

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