Formula E Races Will Leave Behind Wireless EV Chargers For Public Use

formula-e-qualcommThe all-electric Formula E racing series is promising to push the boundaries of electric vehicles via motorsports, introducing new and exciting technologies that will eventually trickle down into production cars. One of those technologies is fast wireless charging, which Formula E partner Qualcomm will permanently install in host cities for public use.

For the first year of Formula E racing, the wireless chargers will service pit and emergency vehicles, rather than the cars themselves, as drivers will swap cars instead of batteries in the hour-long races. Eventually though the plan is to introduce fast wireless recharging as another aspect to manage during this silent motorsports event, with certain areas set up for charging, requiring racers to use their available power wisely. Qualcomm has joined with Drayson Racing to demonstrate a proof-of-concept.

Speaking of the profound silence surrounding these races, fans will be able to talk to drivers mid-race, as there is no loud combustion engine to drown out their voices. It’s a neat feature designed to bring the fans in on the action, and it’s another peak at the potential of this new racing series.

The wireless recharging pads will be left behind after the races moved on to serve the public, though the details are still being hashed out. Wireless recharging could offer electric cars a unique advantage over even combustion cars, eliminating the need to “refuel” at all with in-ground charging units automatically connecting and fueling your car.

This is one of the many technologies Formula E hopes to bring to the public, perfecting the details in the crucible of racing. Game on.

 Source: Plug-in Cars

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