Location-based In-car Advertising Efforts On The Rise

in-car-adsThe overwhelming irony of following a day of thankfulness for what we have with the largest and most excessive shopping day of the year is surely not lost on most Americas. Yet we have a very peculiar way about us, there’s no denying that, and the addition of large touchscreen infotainment centers to many cars has advertisers looking into a way to provide targeted, location-based ads inside your car.

Surprised? Don’t be. It’s a natural progression of bringing more and more information technology into automobiles. With many cars now “constantly connected” via devices like OnStar and GPS systems, it’s only natural that advertisers are going to want to tap directly into your car with specific offers aimed at you. Location-based Placecast is teaming up with Aha radio to roll out an optional trial program that makes the effort seem more benign than it really is.

After all, advertisers can glean a lot of information from what you drive, and where. For example, a BMW owner driving through New York City might get ads targeted for Broadway shows or fancy restaurants, while a couple driving a rent-a-car might be inundated with ads for tourist attractions. Special offers, coupons, or upcoming events could all be displayed on your infotainment screen for the purpose of pulling you in to spend more money. For now, the trial programs are strictly opt-in, but there may come a day when cars come with advertisements standard…or without them for a premium price.

All the more reason to forgo the fancy infotainment screen next time you buy a new car…or even a used one for that matter. Great news just in time for the busiest shopping day of the year.

Source: Venture Beat

Christopher DeMorro

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