Video: Tesla Discusses Why Owners Needn't Worry About Winter

model-s-winterWhile rumor has it Tesla is working on an all-wheel drive version of the Model S, for now owners are saddled with a powerful rear-wheel drive luxury sedan with months of bad weather to look forward to. To assuage fears, Tesla has released this video highlighting some of the Model S features designed specifically to handle cold weather and snowy roads.

Tesla’s Chris Porritt discusses a few of the features that set the Model S apart, like a warm-up mode that lets you set the car’s internal temperature from your smartphone. This doesn’t even affect the range of the Model S, at least according to Porritt, and only takes a few minutes to reach temperature.

Another big bonus for Tesla drivers is an advanced, torque-vectoring traction control system that provides for superior grip in inclimate conditions. The Norwegians already showed how easily the Model S can handle even Scandinavia’s terrible winters, and it’s no wonder the Model S flew off of dealership lots when it went on sale earlier this year.

Not even the winter weather can hold the Tesla Model S back.

Source: Tesla Motors

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