Over 2,400 Ford Focus Electrics Recalled

focus-electric-1While electric cars like the Nissan Leaf and even the Fiat 500e are regularly making the news, one EV we haven’t heard much from is the Ford Focus Electric. Unfortunately the latest news on the electric Ford isn’t good, as a powertrain software fault requires the recall of approximately 2,456 Focus Electrics out of less than 3,000 built and sold.

So far, the Blue Oval has built about 2,911 Focus Electrics since it went on sale in late 2011, despite a sizable $4,000 price reduction. The recall affects most of the Focus Electrics made between the launch and last month, and the software fault could result in a powertrain failure that causes the EV to loss forward power, though steering and braking still function.

Ford has noted 16 cases of mobility loss, and the NHTSA did its own investigation, noting 171 individual incidents noting loss of motive power. It’s a pretty big deal for a car with such a low take rate, and Ford hasn’t done much to promote the Focus Electric behind the big price cut. Ford is instead focusing its efforts on hybrids and turbo engines, with the Focus Electric merely slotting in as a compliance car.

What sort of impact this has on Ford’s future EV efforts

 Source: Green Car Congress

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