MINI-E Could Make A Comeback

mini-e-1In 2009, BMW launched a pilot program utilizing 450 MINI-E electric cars, using the information gleaned from the study to build the well-received BMW i3. With a brand-new generation MINI being introduced at the L.A. Auto Show, speculation regarding the return of the electrified MINI has one BMW executive noting that EVs fit the MINI brand “perfectly.”

“It fits perfectly with the brand, and I am convinced that we will offer a suitable solution,” MINI brand managed Peter Schwarzbauer told the assembled German media. Electrifiying future MINI vehicles is in the works, though the specifics are still being hashed out. One idea mentioned over and over again is the idea of a plug-in hybrid MINI, perhaps based on the larger Clubman model.

The MINI is based on BMW’s new UKL1 platform, which was designed to underpin a variety of front-wheel drive vehicles, as well as being adaptable to hybrid or electric drivetrains. I have to agree, an all-electric MINI seems like a perfect fit for the brand, and BMW could use info gained from the launch of the i3 to make the next MINI-E even better, with better range, charging, and performance than the first-generation.

MINI fans speak up, what do you want from an electric car?

 Source: BMW Blog

Christopher DeMorro

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