Lit Motors Reveals Kubo Cargo-Carrying Electric Scooter

lit-motors-kubo-1In a world where cars are quickly becoming too expensive for many small business owners to operate, there are some clever alternatives and solutions being bandied about. Among them is the Lit Motors Kubo, a unique cargo-carrying electric scooter they’ve turned to crowdfunding to make it happen.

San Francisco-based Lit Motors has been working on the Kubo design on the side, as a sort of pet project. Built to carry up to 300 pounds in the cube-shaped cargo area, the Kubo can easily be a grocery getter for regular people, or a light delivery vehicle for business owners.

The Kubo is purely for city driving, with its 45 mph top speed and 50 mile operating range, and even though it can carry up to 300 pounds, that extra weight is bound to affect the real-world range. Also, the shape of the cargo area is rather narrowing, limiting what you can actually carry to a few boxes. The 4-horsepower motor and disc brakes should give the Kubo better driving dynamics though, and there are certainly some companies that could put the cargo area to good use.

Lit Motors has turned to Kickstarter to fund the Kubo, and has so far raised just $33,000 or the $300,000 goal. Early adopters who just must have one can get an early bird special price of just $5,000, with actual production models costing a few hundred more when/if it goes to market.

So, know of anyone looking to buy a cargo scooter?

Source: Lit Motors

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