BMW i3 Racks Up 10,000 Early Orders, BMW i8 Sells Out

bmw-i3-bmw-i8Via a slow-burning marketing campaign that consisted of many concept cars and changes in design and direction, BMW has amped up the buying public for its line of electric i-brand of vehicles. According to executives, over 10,000 orders have been placed for the BMW i3 electric commuter, and the BMW i8 has sold out entirely in its first year of availability.

You know executives have got to be happy with the instant success of the BMW i3 and i8, and the first vehicles are being delivered to excited buyers in Germany. The BMW i3 will come to America in the first quarter of 2014, where it will start at about $42,275 before adding the $3,950 range extender, which effectively doubles the amount of driving you can do between charges. Despite production delays though, early orders have been promising.

While its funky looks are certainly polarizing, the BMW i3 is both rear-wheel drive and offers perhaps the best option for EV drivers looking for a premium-feeling vehicle, but don’t have Tesla Model S money to spend. Think of it as the car Tesla will eventually build, just a few years ahead of time a decidedly more…German. And for those with Tesla money, there’s the 184 mph BMW i8, a hybrid muscle car with power to spare, which has already been sold out of its first-year production run.

Anyone out there eagerly awaiting a test drive in the BMW i3?

Source: Reuters


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