Ziesel Off-Road Electric Armchair Tank Just Missing Ordanance

zieselWinter is coming, as the popular meme goes, and if last year’s mega snowstorms are any indication, then there’s a whole lot of frozen precipitation heading our way. Not even the beefiest 4×4 can handle these brutal winters, but a mechanized, all-electric armchair with tank-like treads and 295 ft-lbs of torque? Now we’re talking.

The Ziesel, which is German for “land squirrel”, is the ultimate armchair for seeing the endangered polar bears without ever having to stand up. A 6 kWh battery pack sents 295 ft-lbs of twist the the treads, which are operated via a simple joystick system that any armchair gamer could figure out in all of five seconds.

Still in concept form, no other specs like range or price have been released, though the Ziesel has been wisely limited to a top speed of just 22 mph. Seriously though, throw some laser tag cannons on a dozen of these and open up a tank-themed amusement center. I’d pay good money to play a couple of rounds with my friends in some Laser Tank battles.

Of course, more practical soluations, like using it as a search-and-rescue vehicle in cold climates, should probably have first priority. Weighing in at just 462 pounds, the Ziesel can certainly scoot along at an impressive pace. It’s a lightweight armchair roundabout with a myriad of uses limited only by you imagination.

Source: CarScoops

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