Suzuki Brings a Buellish, Turbocharged Bike to Tokyo Auto Salon

Suzuki Recursion

When Suzuki brought its latest Recursion concept sportbike to light at this week’s Tokyo Autuo Salon, it looked a little … familiar. That’s not a bad thing, of course, the Recursion looked like a light, nimble, and quick little traffic ninja, with everything a sharp rider would need to break lots of laws and have lots of fun. Still, it seemed like we’d seen it before- but it took Mike Hanlon over at Gizmag to figure it out. Suzuki’s Recursion is the new Buell Firebolt we never got from Harley-Davidson.

Long live, then, the new Buell.

The Suzuki Recursion displays so many tenets of Buell design, you almost start looking for Erik Buell’s logo on the tiny bits. To wit: it features the Buell’s mass centralization, the underslung exhaust (which exists in service that purpose, as well), the thin, waspish tank design, and a high-horsepower, 588 cc water-cooled twin. Lest you think that engine, about half the displacement of the old Firebolt’s, isn’t packing enough power to fill the Firebolt’s shoes, think again. It’s turbocharged out of its mind, producing …


… yeah, about 100 hp and 74 lb-ft of torque at just 4500 rpm. More than enough for the Suzuki to run with the Firebolt’s Sportster-derived V-twin. Add a 50-ish MPG rating and world-renowned Japanese reliability to the mix, and Suzuki’s somewhat derivative Recursion comes into its own. If you liked the Buell, in other words, you’ll probably love the Recursion … assuming Suzuki decides to build it, that is.

Let us know what you think of the bike in the comments, below, and head on over to Gizmag for an on-the-scene photo gallery from the floor of the Tokyo Auto Salon. Enjoy!


Source | Images: Suzuki, via Gizmag.

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