Energy Excelerator Project Winners, 2014 Cohort Announced

2014 Energy Excelerator Cohort

Back in November, the US military announced that it would be putting more than $30 million into Hawaii’s Energy Excelerator, a small business incubator that exists help energy startups “navigate” the perilous business waters of Hawaii and the Asia Pacific regions while encouraging the sharing of know-how, technology, and strategies between the companies. Last week, the Energy Excelerator’s 2014 cohort was announced, and it included our friends at Pono Home.

Six of the startups will receive up to $1M each to demonstrate their technology in Hawaii as part of EE’s growth stage program. In addition to funding 6 new growth-stage startups, they selected 9 highly promising startups for their “seed stage” program. The seed program focuses on commercialization of early-stage technologies, and awards companies up to $100,000 each. The “winners” include Smart Grid and Energy Storage startups, Energy Efficiency startups, as well as Transportation and Bioenergy startups. For the full rundown of the winners, head over to the Energy Excelerator website.


Source | Photo: the Energy Excelerator.

More on Pono Home

Disclaimers: Pono Home is in the Energy Efficiency category, and is run by Important Media’s own Scott Cooney, so congratulations to Scott and his team over there are definitely in order! You can check out a few ads I mocked up for Pono Home earlier this summer, below …



… and find out more about Pono Home in this article, which originally appeared on one of Gas 2’s sister sites, Green Living Ideas, earlier this week. Enjoy!


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