Mazda Enters Diesel-Powered Daytona Prototype In USCC

la16942-1Without much in the way of hybrid or electric vehicles, Mazda is betting big on its diesel engine offerings to raise its fuel economy profile enough to meet government regulations. To help promote its new diesel engines, Mazda is going racing once again with a diesel-powered Daytona prototype in the newly-formed United SportsCar Championship.

If you recall, Mazda entered a pair of diesel-powered 2014 Mazda 6 sedans into the final season of the Grand AM series as some of the only entrants in the short-lived experimental fuels GX class. The Grand Am series merged with the American Le Mans series at the end of the season, forming the new United SportsCar Championship, while the Mazda 6 diesel has been delayed until next April.

The diesel-powered Mazda 6s will continue on in the USCC next season against more potent rivals, while the small Japanese automaker will also roll out a new diesel-powered Daytona prototype for the top-tier level of USCC racing. Using a majorly modified version of the SkyActiv-D diesel engine, the Mazda Daytona prototype represents a major return to racing, one that should have competitors looking over their shoulders in fear.

Mazda is out to show everyone the kind of performance diesel brings to the table…and I’m kinda excited.

Source: Mazda

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