Video: This is What an 8.4 Sec., Ethanol-fueled 1/4 Mile Looks Like

Switzer Goliath E85 ethanol GTR

This is in-car video of a Switzer Performance-built “Goliath” GTR. Fueled by E85 (a blend of 15% gasoline and 85% ethanol), this 4100 lb. AWD street missile proved itself as the all-out fastest Nissan GTR in the world last month at the Moscow Unlimited standing mile event, hitting 250 mph in just 22 seconds … which is cool- but what does that feel like?

It feels a little like this …

… that was a tire-blistering 8.46 second pass at more than 180 mph from the full-weight, 4100 lb. car! That time makes it almost two tenths and a full 10 mph faster than the 8.6 second ethanol record setting pass from June in the ShepTrans-owned car.

When I last drove a flex-fuel Switzer GTR, it was the Ultimate Street Edition with “just” 1000 hp. With nearly 700 more horses under the hood, I can’t imagine what driving the Goliath would be like. What I can imagine is that I’ll run into at least five people who’ll see the “ethanol” leaf on the car and feel compelled to tell me how horrible ethanol is for a car’s performance. I’ll be sure to let you know when that happens next- stay tuned!


Source: Switzer Performance, video by GoPlay Media.

Jo Borrás

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