Video: Driving The 850 Horsepower Drayson Electric Car

harrisI can’t write enough about the incredible Lord Drayson and his cutting-edge electric race car, the B12/69 EV, which is helping pushing zero-emissions racing into the future at a very rapid speed. Chris Harris, host of the YouTube show DRIVE, had a chance to get behind the wheel is this incredible electric race car, and even this seasoned pro was left speechless.

Harris is no stranger to fast cars, and he has even been banned from Ferrari’s press fleet for badmouthing the Italian automaker’s carefully-controlled/manipulated ties with the automotive press. He even has time behind the wheel of powerful electric vehicles, like the Mercedes SLS AMG Electric drive, so instant and tremendous torque isn’t something new for the tire-shredding auto journalist.

But with 850 horsepower and a body made from lightweight racing components, Lord Drayson’s B12/69 EV electric race car is a whole different kind of fast. Packing batteries built into body panels and a wireless charging system, this is the cutting edge of electric racing. Though the battery pack is currently only strong enough for 10 to 15 minutes of full-throttle racing, well, let’s just say that Harris’s commentary should be proof enough that this quiet race car means serious business.

With two world records in the books already, I’d say Lord Drayson is definitely doing something right in bringing the world of electric cars and motorsports together, and I think Chris Harris would agree.

Christopher DeMorro

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