Honda FCEV Concept Hints At 2015 Production Model

honda-fcevLater this month the Los Angeles Convention Center will be flooded with the latest and greatest cars from across the world. The Honda FCEV concept will be among the new rides on display in L.A. at the end of November, and Honda says it is a peek at a production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle due out sometime in 2015.

Other than the above sketch, that it will debut at the L.A. Auto Show,  and it has some kind of relation to Honda’s current hydrogen fuel cell project (the Honda FCX Clarity), there isn’t a whole lot to talk about. Honda, like several other automakers, has promised to deliver a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sometime around 2015.

Judging solely from the concept sketch, I can’t help but notice the similarity to the Volkswagen XL1, with what looks to be an aerodynamic two-door body style. Are Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicles really ready for primetime? The clock is counting down, and 2015 is sooner than you might think.

 Source: Honda

Christopher DeMorro

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