Genuine Scooters' 2014 Hooligan 170 Leaked on Facebook

Genuine Hooligan 170

The Honda Grom 125 may be the little 130 MPG bike that’s taking America by storm, but it won’t be the only “bad boy” mini-moto on the scene for very long. Suzuki is firing back with a DP-style electric monkey bike due in sometime in 2015, while Chicago’s own Genuine Scooter Company is fighting back with a scooter that combines some of the Grom’s “bad boy” attitude with an extra helping of power and several helpings of practicality besides. That bike, supposedly called “Hooligan 170”, was leaked on a Genuine dealer’s Facebook page- as you can see, above.

While we can’t tell much from the Facebook post’s original image …

Hooligan on FB

… we can play with the lighting, highlight a few of the “Batman looking” Hooligan’s details, and get a pretty good sense of what Genuine’s new-for-2014 bike will be like when it finally hits the road next spring.

Here’s the re-touched image, below …

Genuine Hooligan 170i Specs

… and this is what (I think) we can expect from Genuine’s 2014 Hooligan 170.

  1. Stacked HID headlights, which is new for Genuine.

  2. High-quality, NCY-style disk brakes (for stoppies).

  3. Clever luggage hooks under the floorboard to make securing groceries and backpacks easier (never seen this before- but LOVE it!).

  4. A sturdy rear grab bar suggests that an accessory line is already in the works- expect some flat-black luggage to match the bike, then.

  5. If the “170” in Hooligan 170 refers to the same 170 cc engine currently used in Genuine’s Buddy 170i (which is, I think, a safe bet), we can expect an advanced (in the scooter world) computer-controlled fuel injection system and a top speed well over 60 mph with a 90-ish MPG EPA rating.

Will more power, an automatic transmission, clever cargo management, and highway-capable speeds make the Hooligan 170 a Grom-killer, will the Bat-scoot snatch a few sales from convenience-minded Grom shoppers, or will the bike find its own audience? Let us know what you think in the comments section, below.


Source | Photos: Scooterworks Chicago, via Facebook.

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